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Welcome to your private access for DOMINICAN REPUBLIC immigration and legal services.

Complete Legal Services in Dominican Republic

We make immigration easy at FAM™ by striving to make your Dominican Republic immigration process as fast as possible. There are also many other services we offer from helping you find your dream home, investing in the island, or starting a new business. Our services are vast to make your expat experience the best it can be in the Dominican Republic.

Residency in the Dominican Republic only takes 3 to 6 months and can be done starting in your home country. We work with future residents from all over the world. Email info@famlegalservices.com or WhatsApp call 829.843.3640 for a free consultation to see if you can get approved for residency. There are a few ways to be approved through marriage, having a pension, investing in the DR or having investments outside the DR. Each comes with its own specifications for approval. This is why it is necessary to have a lawyer for the residency process.

For more information. https://migracion.gob.do/en/?lang=en

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How to Obtain Residency in the Dominican Republic?

  1. Find a lawyer to help you

    We specialize in residency in the Dominican Republic and can help you navigate the system. The government here recommends you using a lawyer in the DR as the system can be very time consuming and sometimes confusing.

  2. Work with us to make sure you qualify.

    There are three main ways of receiving residency in the Dominican Republic this does not include family reunification or marriage.

  3. Collect all required paperwork

    To receive your visa and then your residency card in the Dominican Republic there is are many documents we need to collect and have them translated into Spanish and also legalized.

  4. Submit Documents

    We will submit all documents for you. In some cases residency can be done from the Dominican Republic.

What is the pension amount to be approved for residency in the Dominican Republic?
$1500 USD for one person $250 USD for each additional person per month

How long does it take to receive residency in the Dominican Republic?
It normally takes 3 to 6 months depending on how long it takes for you to get us your documents and processing times.

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