Student Visa Dominican Republic!


Are you a student needing a visa for the Dominican Republic? We are here to help you and offer a discounted rate. Inquire today to get started immediately. Email or WhatsApp 829.843.3640 for a free consultation.

Here is a list of a few items you will need to get started. We help you get all of the documents you need so the process is fast and simple for you!

1. Student Permit application form, completed.
2. Passport or travel document, with a minimum validity of six (6) months and photocopy
of all the pages of the complete passport.
3. Student Visa (E), granted by the Dominican Consulate in your home country.
4. Birth Certificate, original, apostilled or legalized, in Spanish or translated by judicial
5. Four (4) recent photographs, size 2×2: two (2) in front and two (2) in right profile, without jewelry or accessories and bare ears.
6. Certificate of No Criminal Record issued by the competent authority of the countries in which you have resided in the last five (5) years, legalized and apostilled, as appropriate.
7. Certificate of No Criminal Record of the Dominican Republic, if you have more than
six (6) months in the country.
8. Proof of admission or registration of the Study Center, for the corresponding period.
9. Medical insurance valid in the Dom. Rep., Authorized by the General Directorate of
Migration (DGM), in force for the corresponding study period.
10. Proof of financial solvency to cover your studies and expenses during your stay in the Dominican Republic.
11. Medical examination authorized by the General Directorate of Migration (DGM).

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