Safety in the Dominican Republic


Thank you for reading our special report. As an American white female I feel safe in the #dominicanrepublic because I follow a few guidelines. Crime is targeted and appears in almost any travel situation. To help you please read below:

  1. We recommend you never travel alone, create a buddy system.
  2. Do not pay for service unless the person is contracted with the hotel or local travel company.
  3. BE AWARE. When you enter and exit an establishment watch where you are and who is around you. Bring small purses that can either be hidden or kept close to your body.
  4. Avoid the barrio areas. Stay close to your hotel and where you are staying. Only go to places the hotel or rental place you are staying recommends.
  5. Be careful dating foreigners here you do not know their intentions. Do not bring them back to your hotel.
  6. Watch your drinks do not set them down and walk away.

I know these tips and tricks might seem basic. But they are all a good reminder of how to stay safe while traveling’

Sincerely, Dr. Renee Gillard and Lic. Francisco Martinez

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